Welcome! About the composer and his eyes   on the life and music.

I'm just part of a long chain of his ancestors up to the single-celled organism, which originated about 4 billion years ago.

I realize that now I am the eyes and ears of the ancestors, I breathe, I do, and so they live in me. This is not just a pretty picture, it is usually life - responsibility before this line.



Azure Coast3:44

Almaty dixieland3:33

The Eagle's Last Flight3:32

In Hamburg score 3:52

Angel's dream2:59

Hollywood Story 4:27

Sleep in the last tram3:44


Rendezvous At Sunset3:21

A good start of the day3:39

At The North Sea2:38

Farewell night of Maggie2:38

The Warrior's Way 3:57

Do Not Be Sad, little sister!3:56